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About the work


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About the artist

Painter Ellen Davidzon (Amsterdam, 1971), with her loose touch and light-colored palette, creates figurative, impressionistic city and beach scenes, as well as portraits. By focusing on the beauty and playing with the light, Davidzon makes the world look a bit softer. Davidzon has taken a more abstract and personal direction with her most recent series "Boundaries". Her signature signature has remained. Her subjects are the different emotions and themes from life, depicted in metaphors, color and atmosphere. 

Davidzon's sources of inspiration are very diverse; photos, art, music, social media and experiences, among others, are filtered by Davidzon and converted into an image on canvas. The self-taught Davidzon has been painting for 20 years. After an orientation course in art, Davidzon chose to study social psychology at the University of Amsterdam. The starting point of social psychology - how the individual relates to his social environment - is reflected in the emotions and stories in Davidzon's work. "The energy that the work radiates touches and connects: that is my goal," says Davidzon.