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About the work

Breath, live, be healthy, survive, get experience, become resilient. 

This painting was born from the necessity of overcoming the feelings of souffrance for the dear ones affected by the pandemia. This is an homage for the survivors that went through physical and spiritual agony while fighting Covid. 

The painting is an image of hope, of maturity and of support. The Lungs are represented by two beautiful shells, embraced in coral-like veins and centrally supported by the coral trunk seeming to be affected by the disease. 

The spread of this virus took away so many lives and so many loving hearts. They will never be forgotten, they touched our souls with empathy and spirit of unity.

Be loved and be healthy. 


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About the artist

Dia is the creator of the Mooncat character, of the Mooncat World collection and of the Diacelin Art Brand. She is a self-taught artist that lives in Switzerland. She has lived and traveled to various countries, that ultimately have inspired Dia to create her unic art. Art of hypersensitivity. Dia speaks five languages and is interested in ancient cultures, international relations, history and art. 

By this time, the Mooncat World collection numbers more than 50 Mooncats, all revealing different emotions, personalities, characters and styles. In 2020, encouraged by her friends and family, Dia has decided to open her official website and started to share her new creations on social media. Her watercolor and oil paintings are mostly spiritual, created in symbolism style. Fascinated by underwater ecosystems, she likes painting marine life oil paintings. 

 She continuously searches for inspiration from artists like Constantin Brancuşi, Andy Warhol, Gustav-Adolf Mossa and surrealist painters. World of illusions, hallucinations, shells and vivid dreams characterise Dia's expressions. Dia is the official signature on all her paintings and comes short from Diana Soitu.

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