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This lyrical abstract painting evokes a kind of hair, or roots, or a nervous system, or an aquatic stringy plant, or a waterfall, in black and white tones. All this seems to fall from a dark and blue orifice from where we can guess the origin of the colors Abstract expressionism painting International shipping Sent rolled in a tube. This method is especially safe, and provides lower shipping costs as well. Rolled works can be easily stretched and eventually framed by a local framer upon arrival. Upon delivery, we highly recommend you send any works directly to your framer for cautious, professional unrolling of the artwork. Bill and certificate of authenticity
It is first an explosion of color, forms borrowed from nature, a succession of abstract and varied paintings which questions us about the mysteries of our essence. The painter here invites us on a contemplative walk through abstract landscapes where the seabed, the vertiginous cliffs and the cosmos seem to confront each other without ever knowing where we really are. After many years of artistic studies in Paris, the painter lived in various places of the world like Crete, Benin, or Madagascar. Since 2015, he has lived in Reunion Island, where the very varied mountain and ocean landscapes are a great source of inspiration for him.


PublisherDELAINE Theophile
FramedNot included
Certificate of authenticityIncluded

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