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About the work

Reclining figure. Cherry wood


PublisherDavid H Stevens

About the artist

I have worked in various media since graduating from the University of Michigan. When living in Los Angeles I apprenticed in then worked in stained glass which I did for 20 years. Overlapping with that work I started to work in wood doing sculptures of various kinds. Some incorporated stained glass, some were three dimensional representations of human forms, others were wall hung abstract works. After working in photography for 8 years I returned to wood sculpture, which is the type of work I have done for the past 5 years.

Wood is he media I like most because of the organic beauty of wood. I use a wide variety of wood and veneers on most pieces to give me a wide range of color and grain types. The work that I do has been developed to become a style that is uniquely my own. 

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