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About the work

Cosmoselector's collection of geological samples of exoplanets. Each sculpture represents a geophysical formation of a planet outside the solar system.


Sample collected on the planet: "GJ3323 b"

Constellation: ERIDANUS

Ascension: 12h 15m 22s - Declination: -75 ° 10 ’03”

Stellar distance: 17.5 light years.


In the exploration mission of several underground caves produced by lava tubes, a wall of brittle scales of perfectly pentagonal shapes has been found. When touched, they are instantly undone. The slightest movement causes entire plates to detach. The sample has been stabilized by vitrification to preserve this delicate set. The golden metal is reminiscent of some type of alloy in which there is probably another presence.


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About the artist

Cosmoselector (Madrid, 1984) is a young interdisciplinary and eclectic artist whose work represents a journey looking for the beauty trapped within the sedimentary geology that nature draws in the today known to science exoplanets.

 The discovery of the “unexpected” has always been a powerful catalyst for human creation and improvement. Indeed, our worldview has been shaken many times by the encounters with the impossible.

That is why Cosmoselector`s artistic production are  samples, fragments of distant landscapes of alien worlds. Impossible views of something still unobservable but already achievable by human imagination and desire.  

The works that compose this series represent a selection of geological samples collected during an artistic imaginary trip across the last frontier –the last human challenge- where everything is possible: space.

 The artist challenges the observer to act as a space explorer or natural scientist, forcing him to provide a sense and meaning to the pieces he is facing.

 It will be the observer's task to decide which phenomenon produced them.

The observer must ask to himself if whether the object in front of us is the result of nature, the creation of an intelligence, or the result of something way more complicated than that.  

Other work of Cosmoselector

Sculpture, 77x77x10 cm (w/h/d)
Sculpture, 77x77x10 cm (w/h/d)
Sculpture, 77x77x10 cm (w/h/d)
Sculpture, 77x77x10 cm (w/h/d)