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Enia Twodor

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€ 2.300,-
Enia Twodor
08 Sep 2021 16:47
Resin,Glass Cristals,clay
8x11x8 inch (w/h/d)

About the work

The Crystal Skull was inspired by the recent loss of my families beloved Dog Rex.

I find inspiration in both light and dark memories, which we all experience on our life paths.


I started off with the idea of creating a 3d skull, which then metamorphosised into covering the entire skull with crystals complete with a crown, which considered the inspiration for this piece I found perfect.


I consider my artistic creations, similar to life experiences, they can be inspired by pure joy , or pure pain. I hope that my creations reflect both my passion and desire to always produce the most unique of art.


PublisherCorina Dinu
FramedNot included
Certificate of authenticityIncluded

About the artist

About Corina Dinu

I was born in Romania in 1979. As a child I fancied becoming a painter.

I got accepted into the Romanian State Academy Art Lyceum of The Romanian Academy of Arts in 1994. I believe that a large part of my knowledge and skill was developed at the lyceum. There, I was able to develop my skills day in and day out. Studying the History of Art, Anatomy, Perspective,

Academic Drawing, Composition, Sculpture and Painting laid the platform of my professional development as a painter. The important thing to me about painting is to create genuine personal work without compromise. Each piece is a step on my painting journey. I am happy when people appreciate my efforts.

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