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About the work

Watercolor depicting Barcelona Street Scenery


PublisherCihan Polat

About the artist

I am a self-taught artist, established in the watercolor medium effectively more than a decade.  

My inspiration is mostly the nature and rural life. I like painting panoramic views of popular cities, street scenery, people activities, rural landscapes or a forestry. I believe that any subject can be an authentic artwork. My practice is creating a vision by harmony of shapes, colors and design. Subject matter is for me just a template that helps to remind a memory or feeling of acquaintance on the viewers eyes. I am keen on the visualization process as a kind of language that gathers such elements to tell a story.

Watercolor is a unique medium to work with freedom and authenticity when it is used effectively, which then requires a masterfulness. I believe, my artworks will appear with a certain level of mastery of the technique and with uniqueness of my brushstrokes.

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