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About the work

Oils and cold wax on gessoed smooth watercolour paper, 15x15 cm. Unframed. Vibrant colours applied to the surface and worked spontaneously with a small painting knife, with no subject in mind;  bringing into being a brightly lit landscape.

Please note: buyers outside the U.K might have import charges added. They are not included in the price of the art.


PublisherChristine Derrick
FramedNot included

About the artist

Chris is a self-taught painter, born in south-west England and currently also living there. She became interested in learning to paint while in her teenage years and attended evening classes; starting with oils. In the late 1980s she was encouraged to try pastels and thus began to create work in both media. Her pictures are primarily traditional in style and subject, but Chris also likes to create small-format, intuitive abstract works, based on a restricted colour scheme and tonal contrast. These might be in any medium, at present they are mainly oils and acrylic. Each is begun with no subject in mind; the process of applying paint eventually leads to the final image, which may remain abstract or have a sense of landscape.

Chris has exhibited her work online since 2001, and has sold pictures to buyers in Britain, America and northern Europe. She continues to create traditional-style work; florals, landscape, which are favoured by buyers when doing local exhibitions; but enjoys switching now and then to intuitive approaches to explore ideas and themes that benefit from an experimental method.

“I enjoy the effects of light, especially sharp contrasts. It often pops up whether the subject is floral, landscape or abstract. As for subject-matter I don't like to be pigeon-holed; life's too short to be pinned down to one thing or one method. When a subject interests me, it might end up as a drawing, an oil, or even a monotype. I keep my options open to avoid becoming bored or just stale”.

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