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I was inspired by a trip across Andalusia. I wanted to create a delicate texture of the sculpture and also create a specific friendly mood. I focused here on the natural color of used material there the layering of many fiber art elements gently builds the ground relief.
Throughout the years of experimentation in different materials and techniques my aim was to master and perfect mediums I use. Abstraction gives me wide choice of possibilities to interpret specific subject, it allows the audience to have freedom to see and individually interpret specific pieces. Abstraction is also a provocation that is something that attracts and interests me. I focus on an innovation, uniqueness and multi-layered action in my art. I explore the collaboration between line and texture using the abstract art. I think that the uniqueness of my activities also points to the development of the core technique that transpires in various mediums. My artistic actions have been noticed and highly rewarded with awards.


PublisherBozena Kaluga
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