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About the work

The yearning for spring and sitting outside, leaving the old for what it is


PublisherBorg de Nobel
FramedNot included
Certificate of authenticityIncluded

About the artist

I hear colors… I see things, I’m in love with light, my head is riddling and rhyming away during my waking hours. I dream in Hungarian, I paint in English. Time is something I see in a birds eye view. I think about time a lot. And music! And memory is not to be trusted…

But when I paint I’m in heaven. Or at least in a place where I can fix things, joke around and make the broken miserable world a bit more acceptable & fun. It’s the only place where I know wtf I’m doing.

It’s the smell of art that makes me dwell there, give me a thousand fresh blank canvasses and I’ll paint you the world within the next year or so & no dash will be the same.

I work in both Hungary and the Netherlands.

Other work of Borg de Nobel

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