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The world most famous artists and their studios

21 January - 2020
by Vincent Moleveld

An art studio is a workplace designed for artists to utilize their set of skills which need continuous practice so that the artist can attain growth and mastery of their arty expression; however, studios are the most important places for any artist. Famous artists’ portraits are developed from these studios despite them being messy or piled up with garbage.

Legendary artists and their studios are left unnoticed since most of their furnished paintings are more displayed in art history books and museums where the majority of the people can have close access to them.

A wide range of artists have their studios packed with spicy works such as Francis Bacon’s absolute chaos, Pablo Picasso’s decorated hall, Salvador Dali’s studio packed with pretty ladies, and David Lynch’s industrial-looking inspired space. However, the paintings in the studio are deliberately mixed up, some are modern, but also one can locate extraordinary masters’ works.

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Niki de Saint Phalle - Structures for Life

2 April - 2020
by Vincent Moleveld

Niki de Saint Phalle  (American and French, 1930‒2002) created exuberant works intended to transform environments, individuals, and society. The first New York museum exhibition of the work of this visionary feminist and activist artist...

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Paintings by Louis van der Linden: a stilled world

4 February - 2020
by Femke van Leeuwen

The paintings by  Louis van der Linden show nature and architecture in a stilled world. His depicted places of the sea, for instance, are unrecognizable during summer when people make full use of the sun beds and umbrellas again. “On the...

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Photographer Rineke Dijkstra

13 February - 2020
by Vincent Moleveld

Rineke Dijkstra is a Dutch photographer. She lives and works in Amsterdam. Dijkstra has been awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society, the 1999 Citibank Private Bank Photography Prize (now Deutsche Börse Photography Prize)...

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