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About the work


PublisherBart van Zweeden
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About the artist

The abstract work is visible in Bart van Zweeden's most recent work (1958); a discipline that has passed before. After having been more figurative and even realistic for a while, most preference seems to go for more freedom and more abstraction in the work.

The work is always looking for those earthly processes of birth, death and decay; things that occur to us every day, and with which we sometimes find it difficult to explain ourselves. Humans have only been on this world for such a short time and we are already making our living environment virtually impossible. In the work, abstract images are used to search for the expression associated with these processes. Trained as a biologist, this fascination is not strange; Finding one's way in the visual arts sometimes requires asking questions, entering into a search process and sometimes not knowing. That makes free expression worthwhile.


Painting started sometime in 1978 as a student in a rowdy mood. Paintings that have been sold completely against expectations in a now closed art dealership in the P.C. Main Street in Amsterdam. However, that was the basis for initially trying to shape the world surrounding him without training. Bart has now visited the Free Academy in the 1980s and has also followed a number of short-term courses in all kinds of fields. He recently followed a trajectory at the Groningen, Classical Academy and a whole traject (3 yrs)at Amsterdam Academy MK24, where a pleasant climate prevailed for him and the right questions come along. As an artist you sometimes have to ask yourself the right questions to really take a small step further.

This never-ending quest, in both intention and execution, is the driving force behind Bart's more than forty years of active work as an artist. In his second profession as a teacher, he meets many people; people from other continents often appear on canvas; both are captivating and inspiring and provide enough fuel to continue on.

Technically Bart does not adhere to classical rules; much of the work has been set up through multimedia; various types of paint, pencil, charcoal and sometimes gold leaf are, in addition to spray paint and lacquer, ingredients in the search for an increasingly rich visual language. “Work creates new work” is a firm belief of Bart, who has all too often been 'stuck' in the design process and making direction-determining choices. There is always a lot of doubt. Perhaps a necessary ingredient to keep looking vital and fresh at your own work.

There have been only limited exhibitions, although there have been numerous opportunities in recent years. Bart has not always been able to use them - partly due to his daily work as a biology teacher. In recent years, the artistic activities have moved into a higher gear and since 2009 there is a website that is regularly updated.


1978 10 years of collaboration with Kunsthandel Reeker Amsterdam.

1980 Exhibition Amsterdam Public Library.

1985 Limbricht Castle

1988 Galerie Jan van Munster, The Hague (now Smelik and Stokking)

1995 Gallery Jan van Munster, The Hague

2009 Gallery Walls, Prinsengracht Amsterdam.

2015 Art Fair Now, Rotterdam, November 14-15.

2020 Bleiswijk Gallery; group exhibition. (cancelled due to Corona).

2022 Upcoming: Warmond: The Old Town Hall.


Much of the work is in the hands of private individuals all over the world: Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco, Dubai and Houston.Personal Info Saatchi-art

Other work of Bart van Zweeden

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