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a place of transition of life, of self-improvement, of one's body. a renewal of his body to better apprehend a new way.
Unique pieces - 50x50 cm framed wood
In 1995, I started working on my paintings and photographic collages. I was very young at the time. After a while, I realized that my art had to carry a message. So, I began developing my works through painting and photographic collages; I pasted photographs on canvases and square wooden pieces, then painted and drew on them with acrylics.

I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels and other schools. Then I worked at the University of Brussels in Sociology where I had a library at my disposal which inspired me a lot and changed the course of my artistic work.

Photography is the basis of my work. My classic studies in several academies of arts and in several artistic disciplines trained me in a multidisciplinary vision. Through my works i explore the relationship between human beings and his animal side.The drawings on bodies and walls show us a future project of a sublimated and possible life. The body of the model is a structure formal.

Through my Rabid Animals series, I explore the relationship between human beings and bestiality. A universe of reality and also of surrealism. An image is photographed and is also painted and drawn on. I explore the human body -which is no longer an inert object- using the figure itself as a medium where the drawings on it express the possibility of future life. A life possible or impossible to achieve. There is humor in my surrealistic images, but also doubt and a darker reflection. I leave the keys to the spectators for an intimate interpretation too. But the secret and the intellectual sense of my images are before your eyes.


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