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“Sirens of Lesbos”, H 100 x W 100 cm, mixed media on canvas.
Mixed media on canvas with combination texture and drawing on canvas. The dominant element in this painting is the expressive drawing line on canvas. The color scheme is monochrome with small color elements.
I combine various techniques here to present my vision and fascinations for line and texture. Painting creates a new form of analysis for these issues and is also a new challenge for me as an artist.
Kaluga’s work displays a deeply personal perception of abstract imagination and her abstract work captures a sense of timelessness. As a multidisciplinary artist she explores the collaboration between line and texture using the abstract art.

Throughout the years of experimentation in different materials and techniques, her aim was to master and perfect mediums she uses. She loves to use abstraction.
She tells stories which are a minimalist form but also a baroque form. This applies to all artistic techniques used by the artist. Abstraction is a way to bring to perfection the technique that is used. She creates an imaginary vision of something that will trigger emotions. Most of the time she works in series, which help her to stay focused. Characteristics of her work is layering, lettering and a strong sense of texture. She works in big pieces but also really enjoy working in a small and intimate scale.

She wants to give the viewer a new look at the interpretation of the art issue. She wants to show perfection in the application of a given artistic technique. And most importantly, she wants to bring emotions to the viewer using abstraction. The first thing people notice in her art is innovation, uniqueness and multilayered action in art.
“Art in my career has changed a lot. Currently, at the level of the workshop I use, it is fun for me. Without any resistance and limitations, it proceeds to further implementations. This gives me confidence and a lot of pleasure at work. My artistic actions are aimed at drawing attention to the intimate form of interpretation of the world that is being spoken by an artist with a purely aesthetic charge.”


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