Painting, 87x30x0.1cm (w/h/d)
night sailing
Painting, 40x30x0.2cm (w/h/d)
Flora | 20" H x 20" W
Painting, 20x20x1inch (w/h/d)
Bike Ride | 24" H x 18"W
Painting, 18x24x0.1inch (w/h/d)
la luna
Painting, 40x30x0.2cm (w/h/d)
Blue Sky
Painting, 70x70x3cm (w/h/d)
Painting, 180x120x0.1cm (w/h/d)
La Palma
Painting, 93x70x0.1cm (w/h/d)
Painting, 90x120x1.5cm (w/h/d)
Volker Mayr
Women in the Window One
Painting, 91x91x5cm (w/h/d)
What Lies Beyond
Painting, 76x91x50cm (w/h/d)
Woman in the Window Two
Painting, 91x91x5cm (w/h/d)
Spring 11
Painting, 80x100x0.3cm (w/h/d)
Jerome Coppo
For sale
Abstract landscape-XXIX
Painting, 60x40x2cm (w/h/d)
Sem título . Untitled - DLC0001
Painting, 100x120x2cm (w/h/d)
space to breathe
Painting, 99x69x0.1cm (w/h/d)
Painting, 140x140x5cm (w/h/d)
Inner Dialogue (II)
Painting, 50x40x1.5inch (w/h/d)
Alena Ahrens
La Mano | 40" H x 34" W
Painting, 34x50x0.1inch (w/h/d)
Love sounds | 18" H x 24" W
Painting, 24x18x0.1inch (w/h/d)
The Carnival of the Fool | 60" W x 35"H
Painting, 35x60x0.1inch (w/h/d)
La coppia di ulivi
Painting, 120x178x0.1cm (w/h/d)