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Art Agency Online Gallery

As an artist you are an art specialist but may be not a marketing specialist. Your work is creating art.

If you do not wish to spend time on selling your art yourself, leave it to us. We are specialists in selling art and would be happy to include your work. Our portfolio includes large projects. Our system is transparent: when we find you a client who buys your work, we charge a commission on top of the contract sum. Clear and simple.

Our aim

Our aim is encouraging artists to develop projects, giving them the opportunity to realise an artistic concept with importance to contemporary art today.

A project may be realised by more than one artist, by an artist duo or a collective. By ‘collective’ we mean several artists together creating structural art. A partnership of a duo or collective can be considered if a joint plan is submitted with one single end result. The duo or collective could be a permanent partnership, or created for the occasion. The client is free to decide.

We like to help you

We are here to help you. Would you like to be represented by OnlineGallery.Art? Get in touch! Please contact us on:

Source images: Birmingham Big Art Project

Sell your art online!

- Starting from € 1,99 per month

- Create your own artist page

- Cancel per month

- Direct contact with Artbuyers

Highlighted artworks

Chanel Beauty Look 2013
Prints, 40x55 cm (w/h)
Leo Wijnhoven
Amsterdam View Opus 1605
Photography, 120x80x2 cm (w/h/d)
Geert Lemmers
Hooked by Love
Sculpture, 35x40x35 cm (w/h/d)
Jorn van Hoorn
The Gunner Part 1
Photography, 90x113x0.1 cm (w/h/d)
Erik Brede

Editor's choice


Editor's pick: black and white fine art photography

26 June - 2020
by Femke van Leeuwen

This times editor's pick focuses on black and white fine art photography. By using only black, white and shades of gray, contrasts, shapes and compositions become more prominent than on colour photos. Take a look at our selection of ten works by...

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Apropos Brigitte Witzer...

9 March - 2020
by Peter Funken

Brigitte Witzer’s large paintings appear like heady experiences: a citrus-yellow heart floats in the middle of yellow blossoms, a gleaming red patch surrounded by pink flowers is placed on a bright iris-coloured background of gold, or – a last...

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Rare opportunity: Tjalf Sparnaay’s early work for sale

22 July - 2020
by Vincent Moleveld

Contemporary Dutch master Tjalf Sparnaay (1954) is leader of the Megarealist art movement. Enlarging everyday objects, his giant fried eggs gained worldwide fame. His earlier work ‘Poesha’ is now on the market. This is a rare opportunity, as...

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