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About the work


PublisherAnnette Sandt
FramedNot included

About the artist

Born in Munich.

1989 - 1993 studied communication design, specialising in graphics, art and photography

1993 - 1999 Employed in advertising agencies as art director

1999 Move to Düsseldorf

After permanent positions in advertising agencies since

2010 freelance work as Creative Director


02 | 2019 art moments 01, Düsseldorf

05 | 2019 CONZEN at Carlsplatz, Düsseldorf

12 | 2019 kunstmomente 02, Düsseldorf

05 | 2020 Düsseldorf State Parliament  >> The exhibition was postponed due to the pandemic 02 | 2021 Düsseldorf State Parliament

I have been painting since I was young, my creative passion then led me to study in Munich. There I learned different styles of art. Colour theory, calligraphy and the use of painting techniques. Besides my creative profession as a communication designer, I paint as a balance and appreciate being free. From this my abstract style developed. There I have no limits and restrictions.

Artistic approach.

I work without thinking. My paintings are pure intuition. They simply emerge. My paintings are emotional and powerful. Therefore I lay my canvases on the floor, at the beginning of my creative creation only the colour exists.

Everything comes spontaneously and intuitively. It feels right or even wrong. My painting may arise and grow.

The saying of Gerhard Richter “a different way of thinking” says a lot about my art. I use bright colours and play with contrast. Inspired by nature, light, structures and colours. I save looks in my thoughts, take photos of them and later bring them on canvas. Without knowing where the journey will take me artistically.

I use a spatula technique and work with several layers and structure pastes. I add mass and remove it again with different techniques. Until a painting for me reaches its climax and finds its finale.

I have also been fascinated by photography for years. It inspires me for my painted works. Pictures let me tell stories, set points of view and express feelings. Everything leads me subconsciously also to my canvases.

Other work of Annette Sandt

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