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About the work

Moulin Rouge, Cancan, the incredible atmosphere of France and female beauty-all in one picture, full of bright colors. There are about 30 shades of red in the picture, literally capturing the attention of the viewer. It is impossible to pass by this canvas! Someone will plunge into the atmosphere of passion, and someone may see himself in this radiant smile - in any case, this bright red picture will not leave anyone indifferent


PublisherAnna Koval

About the artist

Anna Koval is an artist and interior designer. She is a graduate of the Moscow State University of Design and Technology.

According to her first education, Anna is a marketer in the field of tourism. For most of her life, she traveled for work. During her travels, Anna received a lot of impressions and emotions that she once wanted to portray on the canvas. With this, the creative path of the future artist began. After graduating from the university, Anna finally established herself in her dream .

Anna is a multi-genre artist. In her portfolio, the surreal collection "In Her Eyes" is juxtaposed with abstract paintings, dozens of images of wild animals, black-and-white silhouettes, urban paintings, etc.

Anna is always ready for cooperation and interesting joint projects. All works presented on the site can be ordered in any size.

Other work of Anna Koval

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