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About the work

Light Suprise Collection - long triple pendant on the chain.

Grand combination of classic and modern materials created a unique form. Perfect proposition for women who like modern and original jewellery.

Pendant  in shades of grey and silvery on the long chain made of surgical stainless steel is perfect proposition for her, it suits for classic outfits as well as modern clothes.

Necklace was made from worn cables sourced from recycled centres, according to zero waste idea.

Due to the hand-made and the material from which it is made, the finished product may slightly differ from the pattern presented on the website.

Length of the necklace may differ from dimensions presented on the website. 

For more propositions of upcycled jewellery and art go to my website: For more inspirations go to my Instagram:


PublisherAnna Becherka BECHANN

About the artist

Creator of modern, Zero Waste hand-made interior decorations and jewelry. The owner of the BECHANN comp./brand selling its own proprietary products.

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