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About the work

Flames – Can we harness fire? 

On this bas – relief the flames are constantly burning.

During creating "Flames" my hands felt pleasure. The touch of copper, its mellowness and smoothness gave me joy.

It shows good by wooden or bricky background, but the relief goes well with untypical combination like avant-garde wallpaper.

 Flames is original artwork made from worn computer cables sourced from recycling centres according to Zero Waste idea.

In the frame.

Size: 60x60x15cm

Due to the hand-made and the material from which it is made, the finished product may slightly differ from the pattern presented on the website.

Anna Becherka's  goods have been awarded the Certificate of Handicraft Goods (Certyfikat Rękodzieła Artystycznego) by the Polish National Art Workers and Craftsmen Guild (Ogólnopolski Cech Rzemieślników i Artystów).


PublisherAnna Becherka BECHANN

About the artist

Creator of modern, Zero Waste hand-made interior decorations and jewelry. The owner of the BECHANN comp./brand selling its own proprietary products.

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