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Gallery:Russian Vintage

"La blanche Aline"

74x55 cm (w/h)
For sale

About the work

ORIGINAL VINTAGE PAINTING OF Soviet Zavodangard "La blanche Aline" in 1991, artist of the USSR Alisher Nasritdinov, oil on cardboard, abstract, signed by the artist, unique work, collection, nu, Female.

"La blanche Aline "

Original vintage painting of 1991

Posavangard Denim Venus - fantastic painting

The first solo exhibition of Alisher Nasritdinov took place in 1994 in Antwerp, the second in 1997 in Brücell. Called by Belgian newspapers "eastern erotica," it was a great success.

In this work, you can observe elements of avant-garde, cubism, surrealism and the traditional art school, embodied in unique images. In many works of the artist, the theme of love is reflected in a peculiar way. Nasritdinov uses a minimum of color for this, and such a palette restriction helps to more holistically reveal what is planned. Look at the elements of cubism here as a subtle aesthetics of form. Alisher's cubism is not an end in itself, but a way of conveying the meaning of the image.

Alisher interprets the Eternal Idea of ​Female Beauty in his unique manner. Background and color of the multilayer texture picture. Multidimensional composition geometry. The philosophy of  isolation in the transmission of body forms, the conventions of details - for example, the grace of the female brush. 

This is a feature of the artist's manner - conventionality in the transfer of hands and faces in paintings of this style. But conditionality does not steal meaning and emotion. Look at this conditional face and you will read a lot in it. And the unique,, denim,, color and background of the picture. That mystical fleur! And this is the talent and vision of the master.

We are convinced that the art of Alisher is not for your walls, but for your soul, as well as for your inheritance.

============For collectors

The painting was bought into a private collection and from 1992 to the present belongs to one owner. By purchasing this painting, you become the second owner of this work. Invest in the Soviet delivery guard - collect a collection of all three of your works by Alisher, and we will send them to you by one delivery.

you are interested in this picture, we will be happy to answer any questions you have about the state of the picture, payment and delivery. All this can be seen in the photo. Feel free to ask me any questions. A small restoration was carried out - gluing the edge of the painting.

The condition is excellent. From a private collection.

See all the photographic tape where we do a small overview of works from Alisher's personal exhibitions. We will be glad if this information about Alisher's personality and work helps you in making such an important decision about acquiring paintings by a real master.

The painting "Red Lovers" is in the collection of the national bank.

Continuing acquaintance with the philosophy of creativity and the artistic style of the wonderful modern artist Alisher Nasritdinov,we will show you the works that were selected for the first personal exhibitions of the artist. You will find in them already familiar to you from our gallery features of conventionality, geometricality of forms, special attitude to the background and color. And, at the same time, the amazing meaning of the images.