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Town Square

crete, clay , metal, plaster, wood, specialist coatings
28x20x15 cm (w/h/d)
For sale

About the work

Original  Sculpture by Alan Harris, contemporary  British artist, Brutalist Art.

British Artist Alan Harris developed a unique style. Using his skill in modeling with an intuitive way of building up figures is quite unique, a talent that allows him to develop this sculptural technique inspired by Brutalism a style that rather than being easy on the eye it is more antagonistic, applied to sculpture added a confrontational rawness to it, that perfectly integrate into modern design.

Series of sculpture Exploring Relationships of people and architecture.
These sculptures explore lifestyle amongst and in the world around us, where living things are often represented in an architectural way.
Humanity is responsible for architecture as we see it much of which has a lifespan of many generations. This footprint left by previous generations becomes integrated with society, often becoming historic places of interest.

The materials for this sculpture are opposite in their variety of tensions and qualities. however, they have been combined in a kind of form that grew to achieve harmony with the material.

Size :27cm x 21cm x15cm
Surface: clay, plaster, wood..with hand-painted surfaces

These sculptures integrate into any location transforming their environment, with edgy dynamics and primal honesty.