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The Bridge at Hammersmith,London

Acrylic on canvas
40x30x2 cm (w/h/d)

About the work

Original painting by Alan Harris, contemporary  British artist,
Original acrylic on canvas , Size 12x16"
"Every great city has its icons – for London, it's Big Ben, Bridges, red buses and black cabs. As a Londoner, I have lots of childhood memories ... and the raining streets full of life is one unforgettable moment."

Growing up in a city like London, left indelible marks in Alan's memory and in his paintings. Empty, dark streets, with semi-dilapidated buildings and stray cats roaming the streets, were the first characteristics of his paintings. In his late work,  he evolves to more modern images where traffic and bustle, lights and people appear in his paintings giving life and showing the change that globalization has brought to the world.

Always with a great sense of architectural space, Alan has managed to paint in his work a unique concept that stands out from his contemporaries. His ability to abstract the main elements of each city and create that image with which the public easily connects and which is part of their own experience is unique.

Alan Harris works with a variety of mediums and subjects, oils, watercolours, pastel, mixed media, and sculptures.