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About the work

Mankind thinks black and white about life. And because we think black and white, we automatically think in boxes. And if something doesn't fit, it gets complicated. Personally, I also tend to think black and white. At the same time, however, it is something I seriously resist because it does not bring humanity any further. Black and white thinking stands in the way of any renewal. And because I believe in change or maybe even better in transformation, it is important to think freely. And free thinking for me is thinking in colors. Colorful thinking also allows you to grow within your talent. So don't think in black and white, but in colors.


PublisherAd van den Boom
FramedNot included
Certificate of authenticityIncluded

About the artist

Ad van den Boom starts his career as a creative in advertising. His work has been awarded with several national and international prizes, but that's not what drives him. He wants to improve the world. So he creates Mappa Mondo for the Dutch Red Cross for example. In the mid-1990s, he is a teacher for several years at the HKU University of the arts in Utrecht. In all these years Van den Boom keeps on writing, painting and making sculptures. After the disaster with the MH-17 he creates a commemorative booklet in cooperation with the Singer Museum in Laren and the municipality of Hilversum. End 2015 he starts with a series about the refugee issue. And at the end of 2017 he had an exhibition with a series on leadership for a better world in the Town Hall of Hilversum. He regularly exhibits in the Netherlands and abroad at various galleries such as Studio 2000 Blaricum, Okker Art Amsterdam and Gallerie Noorderlicht Domburg, Gallery Mont Cervin Palace Zermatt Switzerland and sculpture garden Sous Terre Lithoijen. His work was also shown on art fairs like the KunstRai and Art Breda. Van den Boom works in the Netherlands and in Switzerland.

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