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“Neon Signs Don’t Make It Better” is a collaborative piece by Alexis Branger and Devin Andersen’s ABDA collective. The artists use an explosion of loud and vivid colors with high contrast layers. It contains the use of the density of space and heavy paint with delicate details that swarm in a composition that brings the viewers eye into an array of vibrant colors.
“ABDA is a collaborative art practice created by Artists Alexis Branger and Devin Andersen. Andersen and Branger graduated from Otis College of Art & Design for Fine Arts Painting and Industrial Product Design. Branger subsequently began working in the Motion Picture and Television Industry as a Painter and Set Designer. Using her tradeskills to work with interior design, she is now curving her focus towards fine arts through solo and collaborative works. Out of college, Devin was Co-Owner and Curator of the DIY gallery in the West Adams area of Los Angeles, “The Barber Shop Art Space,” from 2013-2015. In recent years, Devin Andersen has been working as a Construction Coordinator, Fabricator and Installer for Fine Artists, Photography and Film Production as well as continuing his fine art work. Branger and Andersen often work together in the production industry as well as their personal art practice. The two have a fascination with process and playing with different materials as the initial driving force in their work. Andersen’s work tends to use found material and painterly abstract application, while Branger’s work is clean and design based. This process correlates with their schooling and the production work that they do. They are currently based in Los Angeles, CA.”
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